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Adam is a visionary tech investor and entrepreneur who has started multiple successful companies that have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Adam manages the Exponential Investors Club portfolio, a fluid collection of 30-50 high growth tech stocks from different countries and different sectors, ranging from Fortune 50 to small cap in size.

A year ago, he was diagnosed with Latent Adult Onset Diabetes presenting as Type 1 at the age of 51. Rather than go the traditional route of medication and insulin therapy, Adam created new ways to fuel and train his body and mind. 

And to the medical community’s surprise, Adam has been able to regulate his blood sugar levels to normal and lower his A1C level to 5.8. 

In less than 9 months, Adam lost 12 pounds and dropped his body fat percentage from 15.3% to 7.1% while also increasing his muscle mass and strength.

 And at the age of 52, Adam now has the appearance and energy level of someone twenty years younger. In our new course, A ROADMAP TO REDEFINE WHAT AGING AND ILLNESS CAN LOOK LIKE, Adam’s complete daily meal plan, exercise program, and mindset are detailed in video modules so anyone can follow the same path.

Anyone who truly understands the value of health and happiness knows that you can’t put a price tag on it. Adam would literally pay $100,000 to look and feel the way he does today, compared to the way he was living before his diabetes diagnosis. The feeling of a strong body and clear mind is priceless. 

Adam served honorably in the US Navy where he actively served in the Persian Gulf, Australia, Hawaii, and San Diego. Adam then received his B.A. with honors in English from Rutgers University, before 
 a 7 year stint as a sales executive with a Fortune 500 company. In 2011, Adam founded Fiore Global Search, an executive search firm serving the Life Sciences industry. Adam still owns and operates Fiore Global Search.

At Fiore Global Search, Adam’s list of clients and former clients includes 8 of the Top 20 global pharmaceutical companies. He has built deep relationships at the most senior levels from Fortune 500 to VC-backed startups in pharmaceutical, biotech, med tech, and digital health. Adam has experience negotiating global Master Services Agreements with Fortune 500 companies as well as VC-backed startups.  
As an award-winning sales executive with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, Adam helped to successfully launch several blockbuster products with annual sales of over 1 Billion dollars.

Adam is also a former SONY/ Columbia Records recording artist and beach bum with no financial background who started a stock portfolio with $500 and grew it to well over $1,400,000. 

Adam's portfolio crushed the S&P 500 Index by 472% and grew his portfolio by 103% in 2020 alone. 

Adam's passion is not only showing others how it is possible for someone with no formal financial education to outperform the market and grow a seven figure portfolio while enjoying an awesome quality of life BUT also to show the way to a healthier body and mind despite aging or illness.
Adam is a visionary tech investor and the 
Co-Founder of Exponential Investors Club, an exclusive private community of investors from around the world who follow Adam’s strategies to build exponential wealth through stock market investing. Adam manages a stock portfolio that crushed the S&P 500 Index by 472% in 2020.

Adam believes the most important component to a successful exponential investor is emotional intelligence. Along with his business partner, Karine Johnston, a talented holistic psychotherapist, Adam teaches his members how to refine their emotional intelligence to make better exponential investing decisions, through one-on-one and group virtual coaching sessions.

As well the duo are course creators and love empowering millions of people around the world through the life-changing power of health AND exponential investing.

 Adams proprietary investment code has helped him provide thousands of meals to hungry families through his partnership with Feeding America. In 2020 Adam became one of the fittest 52 year olds on the planet, despite being diagnosed with LADA type 1 diabetes. 

 And in 2020 Adam co-founded Limitless-Living.Life, where he and Karine Johnston teach people how to build limitless long term wealth, health, and inner peace - or what they like to refer to as whealth.

  • Founder/CEO of Fiore Global Search, an executive search firm serving the Life Sciences industry
  • Co-Founder of Limitless-Living.Life, a coaching service for building limitless wealth, health, and peace, as well as online courses
  • ​Co-Founder of Exponential Investors Club, a membership of investors from around the world who follow Adam's stock investing strategies
  • ​Former recording artist with SONY/Columbia Records, signed by Russell Simmons 
  • ​ US Navy veteran who served in the Persian Gulf
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